At first glance, the sheer depth of this splendidly crafted atmospheric rock offering by Mind The Messenger is disarming. You'll sense a theatrical vibe that is distinctly inviting, yet with a poignant  tale to tell.

Turn is a musical kaleidoscope where one becomes effortlessly lost in melodic reverie, venturing to a place deep within. In cathartic exchanges of introspection, angst and reflection - the listener catches glimpses of hope that beckon the aurally invested to scale the unimaginable.

With a brooding & dreamy shift of musical gears, a wave of sonic immersion keeps you transfixed until the final ethereal note. It's then you realize this concept album is intentionally designed to resonate with those caught up in fantastical throes of personal experience.

Infused by shimmering guitar work, soaring vocals, melodic bass lines, driving rhythms and cascading piano vignettes - Turn is a veritable feast of delectable sound

All in all, it's a memorable and comprehensive body of work that's exceedingly ambitious, and a definitive album-oriented journey that beckons your return.

Digital distribution through Ditto Music - London, England, UK / Nashville, TN, USA